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R&D at the UoL

8 Feb 2021

Expansion of collaboration with the University of Leicester

Descycle is pleased to announce the expansion of its existing collaboration with the University of Leicester (“UoL” or the “University”). The University has been hailed a world leader in scientific research, with significant investment spent on infrastructure and expertise to promote innovation.


The origin of Descycle is closely tied to the UoL, following the discovery of a new class of chemistry containing non-toxic solvents by Leicester scientists in 2003. This new class of chemistry was named Deep Eutectic Solvents (DES). Realising the applications for DES as a potentially zero carbon, clean chemical solution to e-waste recycling, the founders of Descycle established the Company in 2018 to commercialise this revolutionary novel chemistry.


The expansion of Descycle’s existing collaboration with the University includes a new license agreement which governs access to UoL intellectual property. In addition, a research framework agreement governing future research and development at the UoL has been established with intentions to build a centre of excellence for the research and further development of DES.


Descycle - Collaboration with UoL - Feb 2021
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