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UK Grant Awarded

15 Jun 2022

Dr Rob Harris awarded £1.2m under Future Leaders Fellowship from UKRI

Descycle is pleased to announce that Dr Rob Harris, Chief Technology Officer of Descycle, has received the Future Leaders Fellows award from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).


The Future Leaders Fellows is UKRI’s flagship funding programme through which the UK’s most prominent research leaders from universities and businesses will benefit from £98m in funding to help advance and commercialise technological projects aimed at tackling global issues such as climate change.


The £1.2m grant awarded to Descycle through Dr Rob Harris’ fellowship is a key source of funding to advance the research and development of Descycle’s disruptive metals processing technologies based on a novel class of chemistry, Deep Eutectic Solvents (“DES”).


Dr Rob Harris, Descycle Chief Technology Officer commented: “I am honoured to receive this prestigious award from UKRI which recognises innovative research leaders in the UK. The £1.2m grant will be critical in advancing our research and development efforts into low-energy and low-carbon metals processing technologies.”


Professor Dame Ottoline Leyser, UKRI Chief Executive said: “The Future Leaders Fellowships provide researchers and innovators with the freedom and generous long-term support to progress adventurous new ideas, and to move across disciplinary boundaries and between academia and industry.”


“The fellows announced today provide shining examples of the talented researchers and innovators across every discipline attracted to pursue their ideas in universities and businesses throughout the UK, with the potential to deliver transformative research that can be felt across society and the economy.”

Descycle - Future Leaders Fellowship Award - June 2022 GP EH
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